Safety Categories

EN ISO 20345:2011 EN ISO 20347:2007
Footwear with toe protection against 200 J impact Non safety shoes
S1 A + FO + E O1   A + E
S1 P A + FO + E + P O1P   A + E + P
S2 A + FO + E + WRU O2   A + E + WRU
S2P A + FO + E + WRU + P ((Smooth sole) O3   A + E + WRU + P
S3 A + FO + E + WRU + P O4   A + E + Leakproofness
S4 A + FO + E + Leakproofness O5   A + E + P + Leakproofness
S5 A + FO + E + P + Leakproofness

Other features

A Antistatic footwear
E Energy absorption of seat region
FO Resistance to fuel oil of outsole
P Penetration resistance
HRO Resistance to hot contact of outsole
CI Cold insulation of sole complex
HI Heat insulation of sole complex
WR Water resistant footwear
WRU Water resistant upper
M Metatarsal protection
CR Cut resistance of upper
SRC (SRA+SRB) Slip resistant footwear

Performance features

100% metal free
Footwear made of metal free components and/or components which do not set off security alarms.
Cold protection
Footwear specifically designed and produced to ensure perfect thermal comfort, even for users working in low-temperature environments.
Heat resistant
Footwear specifically designed and produced to ensure perfect thermal comfort, even for users working in high-temperature environments, or in direct contact with heat sources.
Italian leather
Footwear produced with natural leather, resulting from the integration between the Italian tannery tradition and first-level raw materials. The Italian leather also stands out in terms of softness, colours and stamps, thanks to the experimentation of designers and tannery technicians.
Water Resistance
Footwear conceived for the use of environments characterized by high quantities of water. WR footwear is produced with materials and techniques preventing water leaking and providing great transpirability and hygrometric comfort.
Breathable Plus
The upper design, the reduction of the surface of superimposed materials, the use of highly-breathable lining and upper materials facilitate sweat evaporation and foot transpiration, which remains dry even in
high-temperature and humid environments. “BREATHABLE PLUS” footwear are particularly indicated for hot seasons.
Metatarsal Protection
Footwear with toe protection against 100J impact, which protects the instep against the accidental fall of heavy objects.
Cut resistance
Cut resistant footwear, particularly recommended for users working with cutting materials and/or objects, such as glass and metal.
Chemical resistance
Footwear particulary recommended for handing transport, storage of common chemical substances such as solvents, lubricants and detergents.
Anti torsion support
Footwear equipped with a rigid support, conveniently placed between the heel and the sole, which provides support and protection to the arch of the foot, avoiding harmful bendings and/or unwilling torsions,
Slip resistant footwear
Footwear endowed with a sole, which thanks to a special compound and to the pattern of the outsole, has great anti-slip resistance, especially suitable for use on slippery surfaces or for activities on grounds demanding very good adherance.
Perfumed sole
Sole compound enriched with a pleasant essence, which provides a nice scent.

Technologies & materials

Toe cap and midsole

  • RESISTANT TO 200 J from +60°C to -40°C
  • LIGHTER, only 50 g compared to 90 g of a steel toe cap
  • ELASTIC EFFECT In case of crushing, the toe cap will recover its original shape making it easier to remove the foot

Zero Perforation

  • LIGHT weight reduction of 40% compared to steel
  • LIGHTER than steel: only 50 g compared to 65 g of a steel plate
  • HIGHER THERMAL INSULATION compared to steel
  • LIGHTER than steel: only 50 g compared to 65 g of a steel plate
  • HIGHER THERMAL INSULATION compared to steel

Tested according to EN 12568:2010, which is stricter than previous version and requiring a plate resistance to 1100 N with no perforation on the upper part.

The testing nail does not perforate the fabric plate at all!

Tested according to the new Recommendation for use n. 10.067 dated 16/03/2007, issued by the EEC, stricter than the previous one, so safer than the old version thanks to its increased thickness which prevents nails and sharp objects from reaching the foot. The penetration resistance value is 15% higher.

Studies carried out by Satra have analysed the advantages of using footwear with non metallic puncture resistant insoles.


Washable and highly resistant: its technical features are superior to those of natural leather. The structure of LORICA, resulting from the most advanced research on microfibres, closely reproduces the structure of animal leather, keeping intact the aesthetic and tactile features, and guarantees the efficiency of materials of the latest generation. Lorica is flexible, resistant to rips and abrasions, tears and scratches. Lorica breathability and vapour-permeability always assure maximum comfort. It is well resistant to chemical agents. Easy to clean, up to 40°C, with neutral soap and water, Lorica keeps intact its aesthetic and tactile features.
The Sanyderm leather is treated with Sanitized® to prevent from fungi and bacteria, by disrupting their metabolic process, thus avoiding bad odours, and to guarantee hygiene and longer life.
Minifi ber PU layered, well resistant to chemical agents, breathable and waterproof; it mantains its features through time. Suitable for food and agricultural industry.
Air Freedom
Nylon and Mesh upper fabric highly resistant to abrasion EXCLUSIVE TO COFRA WORLDWIDE – high breathability – high resistance to abrasion and tearing.
Highly breathable upper fabric, resistant to abrasion and tear.
Highly performing fabric, it provides durability and excellent resistance to tears and punctures. Its durability is 2-7 times higher than nylon, polyester and cotton. Light, easy to maintain and quick to dry
Thinsulate (B600 g) lining, suggested for very cold environments or activities with low body heat generation.


Highly insulating barrier made of aluminised felt. The thin felt fibres hold the air, superb insulator. The micropore aluminium layer rejects the infrared rays of the body warmth towards the source of warmth, the foot, thus keeping it warm whilst allowing breathability. The silver microparticles are antibacterial.
100% polyamide lining, breathable and highly abrasion resistant. It keeps your foot dry and comfortable.
Breathable, abrasion resistant lining made of elastomeric fibre. It maintains shape and ensures comfort and an easy walk.
100% polyamide lining, for high breathability and abrasion resistance. Antibacterial fibres act against bad odour. Moisture is easily released
100% polyamide lining, breathable and highly resistant to tear and abrasion thanks to its structure.
Quick Release Systems
Quick release system developed for dangerous situations when a fast unlacing of the shoe is necessary. With its innovative design this device easily enables a one-hand release.
Quick release system SCATTO. A simple pressure of the lateral pushbuttons allows a quick unlacing of the shoe in rugged conditions.

PU Special Compounds

Thanks to an advanced mixture, studied and tested in our laboratories, the PU compound “FormulaSoft” of our midsole is less hard and more elastic than any sole in the market. It guarantees great support thanks to the uniform distribution of the air blisters. The perfect weight/volume ratio provides comfort, lightness and technical performance complying with the chemical-physical-mechanical requirements demanded by the standards. The softness of the sole can be experienced in case of strong impacts with the ground, during which the sole gets progressively harder, thus avoiding impact shock on the spinal column.
A special PU compound which guarantees higher performances than the ordinary PU for:
- MECHANICAL RESISTANCE TO LOW TEMPERATURES: particularly sturdy in dynamic conditions and under strong mechanical strains, typical of different work activities, under extreme temperatures up to –25°C;
- THERMAL INSULATION: together with the footwear construction, it guarantees successful tests for Cold Insulation with better results than the -17°C required by the standard EN ISO 20345:2011
A compound devised to prevent heat from passing through the sole into the shoe: it resists to 180°C for 30 minutes without its chemical-physical features being altered.
Care and maintenance
The lifetime of these safety shoes can be extended by cleaning them after each use and by adopting the following simple habits: dry in ventilated areas, away from heat sources: remove soil or other substances by using a good brush or cloth; periodically treat the upper with suitable products (creams, polish, sprays, etc.); avoid aggressive chemicals (such as fuel, acids, solvents, etc.) which may jeopardise quality, durability and safety of the PPE.
Storage and usage lifetime
To avoid the risk of deterioration, these footwear have to be shipped and stored in their original packaging. If they are treated properly, used in the recommended work environment and stored in a dry and windy place, the shoes have a good lifetime, without early wearing of sole, upper and seams. The effective lifetime depends on the type of footwear, work environment, temperature of use, degree of dustiness and wearing.
Aluminium toecap
Aluminium toecap
APT Plate
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